Denmark's newest Folk Band - 3 ex-pats from Scotland, Ireland and England - all hugely experienced musicians with a vast history behind them, teaming up to play authentic songs and dance tunes from their homelands, on a variety of acoustic instruments and with lush vacal harmonies, interlaced with stories, laughs and banter.

"Fantastic musicians and a super new folk band...a breath of fresh air for the Folk scene"

Tom Donovan

Upcoming Shows

17th July 2022 - Vorupør Byfest 14:00

6th August 2022 - Musik over Præstø Fjord 12:30

William McLaughlin

Whistles-Bodhrán-Uilliann Pipes-Octave Mandola-Guitar-Vocals

Martin Dale

Guitar-Bass-Bouzouki-Octave Mandola-Bodhrán-Vocals

Brian Armstrong